Are you seeking assistance with filing and claiming your Employee Retention Credit? Look no further than ERC Specialists, offering a seamless and expedited solution tailored to the needs of your small business. Rest assured that our services come at competitive fees, ensuring affordability without compromising the quality and efficiency of our assistance.

A Quick Summary:

  1. ERC Specialists focuses exclusively on the Employee Retention Tax Credit, ensuring their undivided attention to maximize the benefits for your business, without providing other financial or tax services.
  2. With this specialized focus, their staff possesses the expertise to optimize ERTC tax credit refunds that your business may qualify for, helping you maximize your potential benefits.
  3. Experience the benefits of a free analysis offered by ERC Specialists, allowing them to assess your business's eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit, which was introduced as part of the CARES Act Relief package.
  4. ERC Specialists employs a simple and secure four-step claims process on behalf of your company, streamlining the entire process while ensuring the confidentiality and security of your information.
  5. Enjoy competitive rates for ERC Specialists' services, providing you with the flexibility to choose between upfront payment or having fees deducted from your refund, making it convenient and tailored to your financial needs.
  6. Clients consistently praise ERC Specialists for their straightforward solutions, highlighting their exceptional communication and professionalism as standout qualities that contribute to a positive experience.


ERC Specialists is a specialized tax service company dedicated to assisting business owners in claiming the valuable Employee Retention Credit (ERC). With an intricate tax code spanning over 200 pages, ERC Specialists simplifies the process for eligible businesses, ensuring they can maximize their ERC refunds with ease.

With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades in the field of payroll taxes, ERC Specialists harnesses the knowledge and expertise of their seasoned tax experts and attorneys. This extensive background enables them to effectively guide businesses of all sizes through the ERC claim process, making them a top choice for obtaining the funds you deserve.

ERC Specialists prides themselves on providing comprehensive support throughout every step of the process. From assisting clients in applying for the ERC to efficiently filing claims, their dedicated team maintains open lines of communication to ensure clients receive their refunds in a timely manner.


When it comes to accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services, ERC Specialists distinguishes itself from other companies by focusing exclusively on ERC claims. In fact, many clients turn to ERC Specialists after having worked with CPAs, recognizing the specialized expertise that ERC Specialists brings to the table.

At ERC Specialists, thier experts dedicate their efforts to understanding and applying the intricacies of the ERC tax code. With undivided attention on this specific credit, their team leverages their knowledge to assist clients in accurately calculating the ERC and successfully claiming the credit.


ERC Specialists adopts a competitive fee structure, with rates ranging from 10% to 15%. These fees align well with industry standards, offering clients a fair pricing model.

The fee percentage varies depending on the chosen payment method. Opting for upfront payment entails a fee of 10% based on the total ERC refund. Alternatively, selecting the deduction from the refund option incurs a fee of 15% based on the refund amount. Notably, ERC Specialists provides a 100% money-back guarantee if clients pay upfront and the IRS does not release the credit for any reason.


ERC Specialists stands out as a company dedicated solely to ERC claims, ensuring clients receive the maximum refund they are entitled to. While ERC Specialists may not provide the extensive range of tax or accounting services offered by other firms, those seeking a specialized ERC team will find immense value in what ERC Specialists brings to the table. Their focus is squarely on assisting businesses with their ERC applications, providing unparalleled expertise in this specific area of tax credit.

Outstanding Benefits of Choosing ERC Specialists:

1. Optimal ERC Refunds: With a sole focus on ERC claims, ERC Specialists boasts an average return that surpasses that of CPAs without extensive ERC experience. Clients can expect a 10% to 20% higher return on their ERC refunds compared to other providers.

2. Complimentary Analysis: ERC Specialists conducts a thorough analysis of your eligibility for the ERC at no cost and without any obligations. Following the analysis, ERC Specialists transparently presents its fee structure, enabling you to make an informed decision about proceeding with their services.

3. Streamlined Application Tracking: Gain peace of mind by easily accessing and monitoring the status of your ERC refunds through the convenient client login portal provided by ERC Specialists.

4. Secure Online Portal: ERC Specialists offers a dedicated online portal equipped with advanced security features. This portal allows seamless uploading of payroll records and grants access to copies of Form 941-X, ensuring that all necessary documentation is securely stored and readily available.

5. Comprehensive ERC Resources: Enhance your understanding of ERC Specialists and the ERC program through a wealth of resources available on their website. These resources include a comprehensive FAQ section, a succinct summary table outlining ERC requirements, and an informative company blog that delves into various aspects of the ERC program.


Claiming your ERC refund with ERC Specialists is a streamlined and straightforward four-step process. To begin, you will be required to complete an online form that helps determine your eligibility for the ERC.

Following that, you will securely upload all the necessary supporting documentation through ERC Specialists' dedicated online portal. Once all the information is received, ERC Specialists will conduct a comprehensive analysis to assess your eligibility and calculate the refund amount. They will promptly inform you of the determined refund amount, as well as provide details about their fees. Upon agreement, ERC Specialists will submit your amended returns to the IRS, which typically takes around two to three weeks.

The subsequent step involves the IRS processing your refund. It's important to note that the IRS currently faces a backlog of amended returns, resulting in an estimated turnaround time of at least 20 weeks. Please be aware that ERC Specialists does not have control over this timeline.

Once the IRS completes the processing, they will issue a check for your refund, and you will gain access to your funds.


While ERC Specialists can be reached via phone or email, they have also established a convenient self-service portal. This portal enables clients to upload documentation, track the status of their ERC refunds, and carry out various tasks. Clients have expressed satisfaction with the prompt responses received via email and have found the phone representatives to be friendly and helpful.

ERC Specialists offers a range of helpful resources on their website, including an extensive FAQ section, a knowledge base, and an informative company blog. They also maintain active profiles on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


ERC Specialists maintains a positive reputation among its clientele. With a 4.5/5-star rating based on 140+ Google reviews, the company features testimonials on its website and has garnered several five-star reviews on its Facebook page. The overall consensus reflects clients' satisfaction with the services provided by ERC Specialists.


While negative reviews of ERC Specialists are scarce, it is worth noting that the company demonstrates prompt responsiveness when addressing any concerns raised. Some clients have voiced a couple of complaints, including:

  • Lengthy phone hold times
  • Perception of high fees


The majority of clients have expressed their satisfaction with ERC Specialists, highlighting the following positive aspects of their experience:

  1. User-Friendly Platform: Clients appreciate the intuitive and user-friendly nature of ERC Specialists' platform, which simplifies the ERC claim process.
  2. Excellent Communication: ERC Specialists excels in maintaining clear and effective communication with their clients, ensuring transparency and keeping them informed throughout the process.
  3. Professionalism and Expertise: Clients have praised the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the ERC Specialists team, recognizing their in-depth knowledge of ERC regulations and their ability to navigate complex requirements.
  4. Timely and Efficient Claims: Many clients have commended ERC Specialists for their promptness and efficiency in processing ERC claims, enabling businesses to receive their refunds in a timely manner.

Overall, the positive reviews significantly outweigh any negative feedback, highlighting ERC Specialists' commitment to delivering a seamless and satisfactory experience for their clients.


ERC Specialists focuses solely on ERC refunds, excelling in this particular area. They cater to businesses of various sizes that had employees during the qualifying periods of 2020 and 2021, offering potential eligibility for the ERC.

While some clients may seek comprehensive financial services encompassing accounting, bookkeeping, or other tax-related assistance, those specifically seeking to maximize their ERC refunds will find ERC Specialists to be an ideal fit. ERC Specialists boasts a streamlined and efficient ERC refund process, coupled with competitive rates for their specialized services.

The reputation of ERC Specialists is highly regarded, with clients consistently praising the company's superb communication, knowledgeable staff, and user-friendly refund process. Numerous clients have expressed surprise and satisfaction with the refunds they qualified for, even when they were previously told they didn't meet the criteria or were entitled to lower amounts.

As a result, ERC Specialists has established itself as a prominent player among other specialized ERC funding companies, earning a spot on our list of top ERC companies.

For a comprehensive overview and to make an informed decision, we recommend exploring our other recommended ERC companies to compare the services and offerings of ERC Specialists with other leading ERC refund providers.


1. Is ERC Specialists a legitimate company?

Yes, ERC Specialists is a legitimate company based in Utah. Their services extend nationwide, assisting eligible businesses with their ERC needs.

2. What are ERC Specialists fees?

ERC Specialists applies a fee structure of 10% on the ERC refund if paid upfront before receiving the refund, or 15% if paid upon receipt of the ERC funds. These fees are competitive when compared to other ERC service providers.

3. What services does ERC Specialists offer to businesses?

ERC Specialists specializes in helping businesses claim the employee retention tax credit. For a fee, they provide assistance in calculating the credit amount and file amended tax returns on behalf of the business to retroactively claim the credit as a refund from the IRS.

4. How does ERC Specialists operate?

ERC Specialists is a dedicated ERC refund company focused on assisting small businesses. Their expertise lies in guiding businesses through the process of filing for and claiming the employee retention credit, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit they are entitled to.

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